We've GoT MoxiE

MOXIE -noun- mox·​ie | Possessing character of cleverness, skill, creativity, and fortitude to get through any situation

Lauren Cruz

Co-owner/ Yoga Instructor

Lauren has always dreamed of helping others in a big way. From 12 years old, as a young gymnast and coach, Lauren had a burning desire to inspire and lead people to create a better world. Throughout the past 20+ years as a competitive gymnastics coach, she has influenced hundreds of young girls to attack their potential with grace and vigor.  Within her quest to uncover her own best self, she discovered the magical power of balancing the mind, body, and soul for optimal health. She began learning about the healing power of nature and completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Alternative Medicine in 2013. Lauren expanded her holistic repertoire of influencer tools by becoming Yoga Teacher Certified in 2016. She teaches yoga to preschoolers who flourish from her lessons in conscious movement, deep breathing, mindfulness, and meditation.  In May 2018, Lauren founded Moxie Wellness Boutique (now Moxie Sol), a holistic wellness hub, in her hometown of Montgomery.  Lauren aspires to connect and influence her community so that in some way her efforts will help heal the world. "The Butterfly effect"

Erica KozucH

Co-owner/ Yoga Instructor

Erica is a wanderluster who has traveled to different cities throughout the world since she graduated high school.  She has dabbled in many careers through the years; from business, fashion, and cosmetology,  to teaching ESL overseas, earning wine certification and now yoga.  During a recent three month travel adventure she took the plunge and headed to the birth place of yoga, Rishikesh, India to get her 200 hr YTT in October 2018.   Erica enjoys a more chill, fun, and creative yoga class.  Power yoga isn't her thing.  Since she has also always been a bartender or in the service industry, Erica is sure to bring fun, unique, up-beat classes at unconventional times of the day.  Wanna sleep in and can't make the 9am class (bc she never does)?  She's pumped to offer mid-day HipHop flow classes.  

Erica is excited to join Lauren and bring Moxie Sol to her hometown.  It's a space she can create the classes that appeal to her and suit her lifestyle as she continues to tend her favorite bar a few days a week.   Erica has fell in love with many of the cool cities she's visited where she found random stores with "awesome shit" that we don't have around here.  So, instead of traveling again, she has decided to settle down and create the space she's always wanted as she spearheads Moxie's new Boutique.

Danielle Zola

Intuitive Healer/ EFT Therapist

Danielle Zola LMSW, MSEd is a transformational woman's coach, holistic therapist and intuitive healer.  She specializes in healing childhood wounds so that you can uncover and live your deepest purpose.  She helps you stand in your power to create a life of abundance, prosperity, joy, and peace in parenting, work, relationships, and spirit.

Kathryn Abels

Yoga Instructor

Kathryn has been practicing yoga since college, but truly discovered it when she became immersed in the yoga community in Charlotte, NC post-graduate school. It was there that she realized if she brought her practice to her mat regularly, the other pieces of her life would naturally fall into place. The little questions in her head began to answer themselves. In addition to being a certified instructor at the 200hr. level, Kathryn also completed her Therapeutic Yoga for Children certification through the Charlotte Yoga Club.  When Kathryn isn’t rolling out her mat, she can be found surrounded by her middle-school students, creating unique playlists, running, cuddling with her dog Dodger or saving the world with her superhero son, Fitzgerald. Kathryn is grateful to all the teachers that inspired her on this path and for believing in her. However, Kathryn’s greatest yoga teacher and inspiration has always been her mother.

Stephanie Benzaia

Reiki Practitioner